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Exploitation of Moldavits / Enviromental Services

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Monday Morning was founded in 2004 when it has started by providing various services for its sister company
G.Benedikt Karlovy Vary - a major European manufacturer or professional crockery tableware.

Exploitation of Moldavits 

Monday Morning sro is one of only two companies who are exploiting moldavit deposits in the compliance with laws and regulations of the Czech republic. Many areas in Southern Bohemia suffer from illegal extraction where the “black diggers” leave a devastated landscape after their plundering. Our mine is located at Brusná-Hrbov site close to the town of Netolice.
In 2010, we were addressed by municipality of the town of Netolice with a request how to prevent illegal extraction of moldavits on Netolice property devastating the landscape.
We came with a solution to extract the moldavits in a legal way which represents several steps in a preparatory phase including Environmental Impact Statement (EIA) and many other studies in order to obtain all necessary legal and regulatory permits.

Enviromental Services 

Because the managers of our company have spent most of their professional life in the area of environmental protection, we provide following services:

• Environmental Auditing
• Risk Assessment
• HMS Compliance
• Litigation Support
• Environmental Compliance for Mining Industry
• Preacqusition Environmental Due Diligence
• Environmental Emergency Response
• Management and Planning of LandReclamation and Rehabilitation

Our clients are mainly multinational corporations and institutional investor.

Samples of stones extracted in April 2016 

Legal Moldavite Leaflet 

Download leaflet in PDF format.
About moldavite

There is something mysterious about moldavite. Take it in your hands and maybe you'll feel a touch of cosmic energy, like many other people. This is because of its origin. Moldavites were probably formed more than 14,000,000 years ago by the impact of a giant meteorite in the area of Ries in Germany. Pieces of local sediments, melted by the impact and then cooled again in the air, were catapulted hundreds of kilometres far away. Mostly to South Bohemia. Thanks to their typical olive-green colour and the special structure, moldavites still fascinate people all around the world.

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